Konftel 60W Conference Phone

Please Note:
The Konftel 60W Conference Phone has been replaced
by the Konftel 55Wx Conference Phone.

Konftel 60W Conferencing Phone Telephone Unit

Konftel 60W Wireless Cordless Bluetooth Conference PhoneThe Konftel 60W is a conference phone equipped with Bluetooth technology and compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device.

With superb sound quality and easy-to-use functions, the Konftel 60W conferencing telephone also includes cables for connecting to computers and digital and IP phone sets.

Uniquely designed, the Konftel 60W is the perfect compliment to the modern office. Now you can hold a meeting anytime – regardless of distance and pressing schedules.

Konftel conference units are all equipped with the unique OmniSound® feature – optimal sound for natural, crystal clear communication. Konftel telephone conferencing brings people together and is the ideal alternative to travel.

Konftel 60W Features:

  • Portable unit - simple to connect and use
  • Requires no dedicated telephone line or subscription
  • Connects to most system phones, DECT and mobile phones
  • Can also be connected to your telephone or computer using IP telephony
  • Expandable with additional microphones
  • Compatible with telephone features, e.g. three-way calling
  • Connects wirelessly to unit equipment with Bluetooth® technology

The Konftel 60W connects to all devices!

Konftel 60 Conference Phone Connection VersatilityThe Konftel 60W can connect to digital PBX phones via the handset outlet. The switchbox means that you can quickly change between speaking hands-free and using the handset. You can also connect a headset.

The Konftel 60W can be placed up to ten metres from the phone if connected to a system telephone with Bluetooth® technology. Your mobile or DECT telephone transforms into a quality conference phone when connected to the Konftel 60W using a Bluetooth® connection or an optional cable.

Computers (PC/Mac) equipped with software for IP telephony (Skype.com, Alcatel WebSoftphone, Nortel IP softphone 2050, etc.) are easily transformed into a conference IP Softphone by connecting a Konftel 60W to the sound input on your computer (cables provided). You can purchase an optional USB adapter for direct connection to the USB port on your computer or use a Bluetooth® adapter for a wireless connection.

The Konftel 60W is compatible with the Avaya IP Office 2400 Series and 4600 Series IP Phones.

Please Note:
The Konftel 60W Conference Phone has been replaced
by the Konftel 55Wx Conference Phone.

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