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ClearOne Max™ Wireless Conference Phone

conference phone - Go Wireless!A conference phone should allow you to interact naturally - without wires in your way on the table and the floor is finally here. Max™ Wireless brings you ClearOne's industry-leading professional audio technology and advanced processing for crisp, clean sound. This is an incredibly easy to use conference phone. Simply plug in the base unit and start talking. With the modern Max Wireless complimenting your meeting room, you're equipped to accomplish more in every meeting.

The world's very first wireless conference telephone, the new Max™ Wireless from ClearOne Communications. The Max Wireless combines the high quality audio for which ClearOne is known with superb wireless functionality from Arkon Technologies, a developer of award winning wireless digital telephone technologies. The net result is an easy to use, portable conferencing telephone that delivers clear, full sound and a clean professional look with no wires on the table or floor.

An Award Winning Audio Conferencing Unit!ClearOne Max™ Wireless Conference PhoneWith advanced audio processing, full duplex performance, Distributed Echo Cancellation and noise cancellation, Max Wireless brings technologies typically found in high-end, installed audio products to the plug-and-play, tabletop market. And because it is portable, Max Wireless can turn any room within 150 feet of the base station into a first rate conference room - simply pick up the conferencing unit and carry it into the desired room.

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Competitively priced, the Max is the perfect telephone conferencing option for small meeting spaces and executive offices, comfortably accommodating up to eight participants.

And Max can't be beaten for clear, full sound quality, incorporating:

  • Gentner® Distributed Echo Cancellation- more effectively eliminates echo than single echo cancellors
  • Noise Cancellation- removes background noises such as fans, air conditioning systems, etc.
  • Full Duplex- engages both microphones and speakers simultaneously so participants can speak and listen at the same time

The Max is easy to use - familiar keypad design increases comfort of use and the 18 character LCD screen tracks battery level, signal strength and elapsed call time. And the Max packs in a huge array of advanced features including:

  • Digital Spread Spectrum -provides completely secure conferencing
  • 150 Foot Wireless Signal Range- use in multiple rooms without moving the base unit
  • 6 Hours of Talk Time - conduct long conferences without recharging
  • 360° Microphone Coverage- ensures all participants can be heard
  • Mute Button - easily mute the phone for private discussions
  • Speed Dial - store 10 frequently dialed numbers
  • Dual Function Power Supply/Charger - continue your conference while charging
  • 4 Hour Charging Time - quickly prepare the phone for next meeting
  • Automatic Power-save Mode - conserve battery life
  • Audible Warnings - receive alerts when then phone is out of range or needs recharging
  • Phone Paging - locate the phone when it has been moved away from the base unit
  • Recording Output on Base Unit - connect to a recording device and capture both sides of the conversation*