Aastra Venture IP Phone System

Venture IP Business Phone System

Note: This product has been discontinued - click here for our Mediatrix VoIP products.

If you operate a small business or are thinking of starting one, you should strongly consider the Venture IP business phone system. It supports up to 4 incoming phone lines per gateway and up to 200 local extensions. Simply plug your phones into the LAN (local area network) and they automatically configure themselves, assign their own extensions and add themselves to the directory of every Venture IP business phone attached to the system. What could be simpler?

Venture IP 480i VoIP Phone Venture IP phones are powered over the network cables - an optional Power Over Ethernet (POE) power injector is available if your network doesn't provide power (1 injector required per phone). Each phone is headset compatible, includes 20 minutes of voicemail and incorporates a full-duplex speakerphone.

As with the Venture IP phones, the Venture IP Gateway plugs in anywhere on the LAN and connects to the regular analog phone lines. The Venture gateway provides auto attendant, audio input and output for music on hold or paging and other functions.

The entire Venture IP system is configured via the Aastra phone sets through menu driven options. You can also manage the phones via a web browser. Setup is straightforward for those familiar with basic networking. You will require a network router where you install this system. All in all, the Venture IP business phone system is an inexpensive, functional system that meets the needs of small business right out of the box.

Aastra Venture IP GatewayVenture IP Phone System Features

  • Easy to Install - Plug and Play installation.
  • Low-cost IP-based telephony system - Peer to Peer, Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Complete PBX telephony features including: voice mail, intercom/page and auto attendant
  • Automatic start-up with no configuration required
  • Completely automated for adds, moves or changes
  • Offers full redundancy and Backup
  • Grow your system set by set to match your company's needs
  • Large graphic display with six dynamic context-sensitive soft keys
  • Superior speakerphone performance - full-duplex speakerphone
  • 4 Call Appearance lights and buttons
  • Headset compatible
  • Firmware upgradeable to other systems, such as SIP-based systems

Venture 480i VoIP Phones & System Components

Note: This product has been discontinued - click here for our Mediatrix VoIP products.

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