Voyager Long Range Cordless
Wireless Phones / 2 Way Radios

Voyager CL-2200XP AS long range wireless phone cordless system

Each Voyager system can be expanded up to 90 handset units, which can allow you to equip the workers in your building, factory, greenhouse or ranch with a handset to stay in constant communication with clients and with each other. Because you can also call between handsets, many of our customers use Voyager phones as 2-way radios as well.

We carry both the CL-2200XP AS which is a caller ID cordless phone system and the CL--2200XP SST, which is a station to station analog line extending system. The SST also offers the ability to be utilized as a station to station base extender for the Voyager cordless phone system and/or can be expanded to a cordless phone system.

Please keep in mind that your operating environment will affect the actual range of service from any long range wireless phone product.

1 to 6 Mile Range

*Note: High powered long range wireless phones (more than 6 mile range) are not approved for use in the United States or Canada.