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NEC DTL-8R-1 1.9 GHz DECT Cordless Phone

DTL-8R-1 Digital Cordless PhoneNEC DTL-8R-1 Cordless Digital Phone

With its ability to be adapted for various digital NEC telephone systems (DSX-40, DSX-80, DSX-160 and UX5000), the NEC DTL-8R-1 Cordless DECT phone consists of a base unit and handset. The base unit connects to a digital station port or to a deskphone, in which case it can share the same extension number. A button on the base unit allows you to switch back and forth between the desk phone and the cordless handset.

The maximum range is listed as up to 350 feet although this will depend on the building material in the environment. Range can be extended by adding NEC DSX Cordless DECT repeaters throughout your facility. The DTL-8R-1 operates on the 1.9 GHz DECT frequency so is suitable for use around Wi-Fi installations.

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Product Description
NEC DTL-8R-1 Digital Cordless Phone
Headset for DLT-8R-1 IP Phone

NEC DTL-8R-1 Cordless Digital Phone Features:

  • 5 Channels with Automatic Channel Selection
  • Battery Life - Typical 16 Hours Talk Time - 7 Days Standby
  • Single Key Access to Conference, Hold, Transfer and Redial Features
  • 2-Line, 16-Digit LCD Display with Backlight & Backlit Keys
  • 8 Programmable Keys: 4 Programmable Keys and 4 One Touch Keys
  • Headset Jack - Mute Control - Auto Standby
  • Separate Charging Stand with Spare Battery Charging Capability
  • Headset / Hands Free Volume ControlLow Power Consumption
  • Adjustable Ringer Volume Control
  • 6 Selectable Ring Tones - Vibrating Ringer - Out of Range Detection & Alarm Tone, Low Battery Protection System
  • Wall Mountable Separate Base Unit - Wall Mountable Separate Charging Unit
  • Easy Installation
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