Konftel 300W Wireless Conference Phone
Konftel 300W Wireless Conference Phone

Please Note:
The Konftel 300W Conference Phone has been replaced
by the Konftel 300Wx Conference Phone.

Konftel 300W Audio Conferencing Telephone Unit

Konftel 300W conference phone audio conferencing telephone unit The Konftel 300W allows you to hold conference calls where and when it is convenient – without worrying about phone jacks and power outlets. The rechargeable lithiumion battery ensures superior performance with up to 60 hours of talk time, this allows a full working week without worrying about recharging!

The Konftel 300W supports DECT 6.0 for less interference and clearer conversations and moreover is easily integrated with existing DECT systems for complete coverage. The Konftel 300W can also be easily connected to your cell phone or computer via USB for VoIP calls over the internet. Its embedded line mode enables you to connect DECT, cell phones and USB simultaneously for multi-party calls.

The Konftel 300W has several smart features to make your meetings as easy and efficient as possible. Record calls on a SD memory card, listen to it later or share it with others. The built-in conference guide helps you dial multi-party calls, store call groups and initiate reoccurring meetings. The Konftel 300W is equipped with Konftel’s patented OmniSound audio technology for crystal clear sound and its elegant Scandinavian design makes it a welcome addition to any conference room.

OmniSound® - for crystal clear sound

Talk and move freely in the meeting room and the party on the other end will never notice a change in the audio quality. No irritating sound clipping, crackles, damping or echoes. OmniSound® with its Full Duplex and 360º sound pick-up  offers you the benefit of enjoying excellent sound, every time – in every situation. The microphone provides omnidirectional sound pick-up and the three built-in surround speakers fills the room with crystal clear sound. OmniSound® is a registered trade mark.

OmniSound® 2.0 – sensational sound

Our patented audio technology OmniSound® is embedded into all Konftelphones to ensure crystal-clear voice transmission. We’re now taking OmniSound® to the next level. OmniSound® 2.0 provides the Konftel 300 with the capability to deliver even more impressive audio quality. OmniSound® uses full duplex, an omni-directional microphone and three speakers for optimal audio performance. OmniSound® 2.0 is enhanced with innovative features – noise suppression minimises distracting background noise, wideband voice transmission provides 7 kHz during VoIP calls and an equalizer allows you to adjust the sound during your meeting.

Konftel 300W Features:

  • OmniSound® 2.0
  • Integration in DECT/GAP systems
  • Connects to DECT/mobile phones
  • USB Connection
  • Conference Guide
  • SD Call Recording
  • Charging Cradle
  • Built-in bridging function
  • Line Selector
  • Phonebook
  • Rechargable Battery
  • Upgradeable Software
  • Two-year warranty

Please Note:
The Konftel 300W Conference Phone has been replaced
by the Konftel 300Wx Conference Phone.

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