Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Pulsar EX RT Series (On Line)

pulsar UPS on line surge suppression700VA to 3200 VA. Smart Protection for Critical Equipment (2U)

The Pulsar EX RT models of UPS provide superior on-line solutions from 700 to 3200 VA in a high power density package. This flexible unit can be used in a Rack (2U) or Tower configuration.

True on-line conversion technology provides the maximum availability of your critical systems. Any interruptions, surges or other poor quality power conditions are totally removed while a stable, noise-free pure sine wave output is supplied to your equipment.

High-End Power Protection - Ideal For...

  • Servers (Rack or Standing)
  • Networking and VoIP
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Storage
  • Sensitive Electronic Equipment
  • Industrial Environments

Pulsar EX RT On Line UPS Models

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Product Description
EXRT Rack / Tower - 700VA rating
EXRT Rack / Tower - 1000VA rating
EXRT Rack / Tower - 1500VA rating
EXRT Rack / Tower - 2200VA rating
EXRT Rack / Tower - 3200VA rating
EXB (Battery Cabinet) for 1500RT
EXB (Battery Cabinet) for 2200 / 3200 RT
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