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T7406e cordless phone 7406e wireless telephoneT7406e Cordless Phone

Norstar T7406E is a full-featured, multi-line telephone that allows mobile employees to stay in touch with the features and capabilities of their desktop. The T7406e ranges up to 1000 feet from the base station and supports 1-8 people, enabling employees to be more productive while moving about the office. It is ideal for small enterprises, branch offices, retail, healthcare clinics, manufacturing and other typical business environments.

The T7406E telephone has been specifically designed to be compatible with all versions of Norstar 3x8, 6x16, 8x24, CICS and MICS KSUs as well as all versions of the BCM50, BCM200/ 400 and BCM1000. (more...)

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T7406 phone telephone 7406T7406 Cordless Phone

Business Series Terminal T7406 is a full-featured, multi-line cordless telephone for businesses that would benefit from a workplace mobility solution. It covers an area of up to 282,000 square feet and supports 1-6 people, enabling your employees to be more productive while moving about the office. It is ideal for small enterprises, branch offices, retails, medical offices, warehouses and manufacturing environments.

This 900 MHz cordless phone uses digital spread spectrum frequency hopping (DSSFH) for security. With an operating range of 300 feet it is an ideal solution for workers on the go. The T7406 is backwards-compatible and can be fully integrated with Norstar phone systems and the Business Communications Manager platform. (more...)

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Norstar Companion Cordless
Phone System and Handsets

Companion cordless phone system 3050 handset 3060 phone replacement batteryNortel discontinued the Companion Phone line in 2002. However, we are often able to source new and used handsets and other Companion components for our clients.

Components include Companion phone systems controllers and base stations as well as the Companion 3050 and Companion 3060 wireless handsets. We also carry batteries for your Companion phones. (more...)

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Meridian CM-16 Cordless PBX Phone

Meridian cordless PBX phone for M1 - M2616 features in a wireless PBX phoneFinally! A cordless phone solution for Meridian 1 PBX systems.

If your M1 system uses M2616 telephones, the Nortel Meridian CM-16 cordless phone is for you.  At last, a mobile PBX phone for older Meridian M1 systems that is easy-to-use and integrates just like an M2616 phone.

The Norel Meridian CM-16 cordless telephone improves productivity by providing mobility in M1 PBX business environments. It puts the power and features of the M2616 in the palm of your hand. (more...)

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Nortel 6120 cordless WLAN phone Nortel 6120 WLAN Cordless Phone

The Nortel 6120 WLAN wireless telephone is designed for the industrial environment with its push-to-talk capability eliminating the need for two-way radios appropriate for work groups that are dispersed throughout an environment. The larger earpiece provides comfort for the user and seals out background noise.

The Nortel 6120 WLAN phone handset is engineered for demanding environments that require a high level of mobility, yet is rugged enough for heavy use. (more...)

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Nortel 6140 cordless WLAN phoneNortel 6140 WLAN Cordless Phone

The Nortel 6140 WLAN wireless telephone is engineered for demanding environments that require a higher level of workgroup collaboration, but is small enough to be highly mobile, yet rugged enough for heavy use. Utilizing its Open Application Interface (OAI) via the Nortel WLAN Application Gateway 2246, the handset can function as a two-way messaging device allowing integration with other enterprise systems to provide mobile workers with access to critical information.

Nortel’s 6140 WLAN phone handset supports a broad range of market applications — from general office to medical, retail, education, healthcare,manufacturing and industrial environments. (more...)

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