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VoIP Gatways: VoIP that Fits Anywhere

Need to integrate distant teleworkers or small branch offices with your TalkSwitch 48-CVA system? TalkSwitch VoIP gateways extend the reach of your TalkSwitch, extending the benefits of the 48-CVA to even your smallest locations. Not all locations require full TalkSwitch 48-CVA models on site. TalkSwitch VoIP gateways integrate locations with as few as 1 or 2 users economically, enabling you to use the Internet to call your far-flung outposts without paying for long distance.

Each small location requires only a TalkSwitch VoIP gateway to integrate with the main office system. Locations retain their traditional phone connection as well. Additional locations can be added incrementally at any time, making growth both easy and affordable. And TalkSwitch gateways work with all standard analog telephones or our proprietary TalkSwitch telephone sets, which means you can have IP telephony without buying new, expensive IP telephones.

But TalkSwitch VoIP gateways do more than save money. They improve productivity and boost collaboration with staff, partners and customers by connecting everyone easily and inexpensively.

Mediatrix IP network gateway

  • 2-port FXS gateway or 4-port FXS or FXO gateways are integrated with TalkSwitch to achieve the desired blend of PSTN and IP connections
  • Open standards SIP-based
  • Operates with standard analog phones, TalkSwitch phone sets and fax machines
  • Easily configurable and remotely manageable
  • SIP communication server and unit manager Voicemail integration and simplified 3-digit dialing plan

Adding VoIP to Your TalkSwitch 48-CA
Need to add distant teleworkers or small branches to your TalkSwitch 48-CA system? No problem! You can upgrade to the TalkSwitch 48-CVA and then add gateways.

To learn more about TalkSwitch Gateway Solutions and to plan your customized solution, call us at 905-356-9199.