Telephone Line Sharing Devices

Telephone Magic's line sharing devices allow you to share one to four lines among a variety of devices. No more waiting around for someone to send a fax so you can answer it manually. Simply add a line sharing device with "ident-a-call" service* and your phone and fax calls will be answered by the proper devices.

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ultra switch 100 line sharing deviceUltraSwitch 100

The UltraSwitch 100 is the perfect office telephone line manager. Plug the telephone line to be shared into the UltraSwitch 100 and connect fax machine, modem, telephone answering device and phone to the unit. The Ultraswitch will automatically answer incoming calls, monitors for CNG tone and transfers the line to the proper device. The Ultraswitch will fully exclude all devices not in used, and send them a busy signal. Simple programming through a touch tone phone will personalize the parameter including recognition of distinctive ringing “ident-a-call” service. The Ultraswitch 100 also features an active DTMF receiver, allowing the caller to directly access one of the 4 devices (computer modem or remote maintenance ) installed. ( More Information .... )

UltraSwitch 200 four port line sharing deviceUltraSwitch 200

The UltraSwitch 200 is essentially two products in one! As a four port line sharing device, this unit allows the user to share 4 devices (modem, credit card reader, fax, etc...) on a single line. It also allows 56k transmission. It provides total exclusion and busy tone between devices. As a Distinctive Ring Reader, it routes the standard telco “ident-a-call” numbers to the appropriate output, while still offering exclusion, busy tone, and 56k transmission.
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UltraSwitch 400

Note: The UltraSwitch 400 has been discontinued

UltraSwitch 400 Plus line sharing deviceThe Ultraswitch 400 plus is designed to share 4 existing CO lines from your PABX/KSU with any fax, credit card readers, or modems. These applications make it the perfect device for multiple internet users in your business. The Ultraswitch 400 will automatically distribute available lines in sequence to 4 individual devices and send a busy signal to your PABX/KSU line appearance. Individual units can be stacked together to expand from 4 devices to 8, 12 or more devices to be shared on the same 4 CO lines. In addition, the Ultraswitch 400 needs no programming.
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