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R3 PCMCIA Cards (Small & Large)

Partner Voice Messaging R3 PCMCIA Cards

Avaya Partner Voice Messaging PCMCIA CardAvaya voice messaging offers two different PCMCIA cards depending on your requirements. Both cards (Release 3.0) can be used with the Partner ACS R1.1 or higher and Endeavor systems for basic voice mail functions.

The Small Card provides 2~4 mailboxes, with individual messages up to 11.5 minutes (20 minutes total message time / mailbox). The Large Card provides 2 ports, 12 mailboxes and 120 minutes of total message storage (equally divided by number of mailboxes set up). This card is optionally configurable for up to 16 mailboxes (maximum of 6.25 minutes of storage per mailbox).

Both Small and Large voice messaging systems feature an auto-attendant which answers calls with your custom-recorded company greeting, then lets the caller transfer to a particular extension, department, voice mailbox or announcement by following a series of prompts. The call answer feature automatically routes calls to your voice mailbox when you are unavailable to answer them and allows the caller to transfer directly to another extension after leaving a message in your mailbox.

These cards are for use on Partner 3.0 through 5.0 systems and fit directly into the main control card. They do not require additional slots within the 5 slot carrier!

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Product Description
Avaya Partner Voice Messaging R3 PCMCIA Cards - Small Card
Avaya Partner Voice Messaging R3 PCMCIA Cards - Large Card

Both Small and Large System Features Include:

  • Answer only mode
  • Fast Forward/Rewind within a message
  • Announcement of a message category log-in after listening to a call answer message
  • Multiple log-in capability
  • Automatic gain control
  • Programming from any touch-tone telephone
  • Language support: English prompts
  • Automated attendant
  • Personal greetings
  • Guest mailboxes
  • Fax detection/Routing with Partner ACS R3 or higher
  • Includes installation guide, Programming guide, and four user guides
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