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EnGenius DuraFon SIP, DuraFon 1X, DuraFon PRO
(formerly SN-920, EP-490, DuraFon 4X)
Long Range Cordless Phones

EnGenius DuraFon PRO Long Range Cordless Phone SystemFor the past 20+ years, Telephone Magic Inc. has specialized in the interfacing of wireless phones to business telephone systems. We show you how to make your wireless set an extension of your phone system to allow complete intercom capabilities to other cordless phone sets or to your standard digital business sets. This complete connectivity is what makes the cordless extension more powerful to our business customers.

Long range wireless phones provide communications throughout your factory, greenhouse, warehouse or farm. These long range wireless phones can provide up to 12 floors of penetration in buildings, up to 250,000 sq ft of coverage in warehouses or factories and on a farm or ranch, they can provide coverage of up to 3000 acres. All of this while keeping the business communication features you've come to rely on.

Telephone Magic is your one-stop source for all things EnGenius - we are an authorized reseller carrying the rare "Elite Dealer" status as one of EnGenius's most valued long range wireless / cordless phone dealers.

Telephone Magic Inc. is a rare "EnGenius Elite Dealer", so you always know you are getting the best pricing and service when you buy from us.

EnGenius cordless phone Elite Dealer

EnGenius 1X long range cordless phone system handset and chargerThe EnGenius wireless phone was the first long range wireless phone. As the original approved long range cordless phone, it has earned a great deal of respect and has a strong reputation and name recognition.

EnGenius Cordless Phone models:

Model Note: The DuraFon 1X long range wireless phone replaced the SN-920. The DuraFon PRO replaced the DuraFon 4X and previous EP-490 systems.

EnGenius FreeStyl 1 long range cordless wireless phone system handset and chargerAll systems allow you to use your handset as a full-duplex 2-way radio. EnGenius phones have proven themselves in buildings with a great deal of interference. While we are never surprised with the range and clarity of the EnGenius phones, our clients are usually shocked by the distance we can walk away from the base unit, even if it's just plugged in to the fax machine jack in their office area. Despite the not so ideal position of the base unit and the interference from computers, photocopiers, and other electronic devices that are so common in the offices we demo our cordless telephones in, this unit works great every time.

The latest additions to the EnGenius long range cordless phone system line are the FreeStyl 1 and 2 which offer slim, lightweight handset designs, with ranges of up to 6 floors of building penetration, 25,000 square feet and 10 acres of open land coverage.

FreeStyl is the perfect wireless choice when you do not require a rugged industrial DuraFon wireless phone system and prefer a slim lightweight cordless phone with a stylish design.

These long range cordless phone systems are perfect for use in large residential locations or smaller business sites with the need for long range cordless phones. They are also ideal for home based businesses with a single line that also doubles as a residential phone.