Norstar T Series Business Telephones

Norstar T24 KIM CAP Module
(for use with Nortel Norstar T7316e)

The new version T7316e Nortel Norstar phone accepts the T24 KIM CAP module. We are selling the 7316e phones and T24 KIM CAP modules in volume. Our wholesale pricing makes this an affordable way to replace under-used M7324 receptionist sets and their 48 key CAP modules. It's also a great way for busy executives to see who's on the phone in your office before transferring calls.

Upgrade from your older M7310 executive display telephone to the T7316e and add the T24 KIM CAP module. These modules come with two rows of 12 DSS keys to show you 24 total extensions. You can add up to 2 of the T24 KIM CAP modules to your T7316 phone which also has a headset button for fast toggling between your handset and headset - perfect for our direct-connect Norstar headsets from Plantronics!

Click on the links to buy the new T24 KIM CAP module for the T7316e, view our main T7316 page, or to go to our main Norstar T-series phones page to see all of our great Nortel Meridian Norstar and BCM telephones.

T24 KIM CAP module and Nortel Norstar T7316e telephone

Buy T24 KIM CAP for Nortel Norstar 7316e phone
Product Description
Norstar T24 KIM CAP Module Color: Charcoal
Norstar T24 KIM CAP Module Color: Platinum

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