TalkSwitch Phone System

TalkSwitch 244vs Phone System

2 lines in, 4 Voip Trunks, 4 local extensions,10 remote extensions

TalkSwitch 244vs Phone SystemSmall system, big features

The TalkSwitch 244vs includes voicemail, auto attendants, music on hold, ring groups and much more; it comes with a host of sophisticated call handling features that give you complete control over your calls. See the complete list of features.

TalkSwitch 24-CA PBX
Product Description
TalkSwitch 244vs Small Business Phone System

VoIP and traditional: TalkSwitch gives you both

The 244vs is a hybrid system, with capacity for VoIP and traditional telephone connections. You can save with VoIP services and VoIP inter-branch connections without sacrificing your connection to the traditional telephone network. It's the best of both worlds.

Remote extensions keep you connected

Your work doesn't stop at the office, and neither does TalkSwitch. Any phone, anywhere, can be added as a remote extension of your system. Cell phones, home phones and phones in other offices can be reached with simple 3-digit dialing, and calls can be seamlessley transferred and screened. With remote extensions, your customers, employees and partners can always stay connected.

TalkSwitch 244vs small business phone system

Ready to grow with you

Like all TalkSwitch systems, the TalkSwitch 244vs is ready to grow. It comes with capacity for 2 traditional telephone lines, 4 VoIP trunks and 4 local extensions, but you can increase capacity any time by networking it with other TalkSwitch units including the 48-CA, 48-CVA and any VS unit. The maximum capacity of TalkSwitch systems is 16 traditional phone lines, 16 VoIP trunks and 32 local and 40 remote extensions.

Easy to set up

Whether you do it yourself or rely on a professional, TalkSwitch installation is fast and easy, saving you time and money. Plus, all of your call handling settings are configured on the included user-friendly Windows software, so it's a snap to make TalkSwitch work the way you want it to, and you don't have to pay a technician every time you move or add an employee.

Phone Freedom

Unlike most PBX systems, TalkSwitch doesn't tie you down to proprietary telephones. TalkSwitch systems work with standard analog phones and selected IP phones, so if you already have telephones, chances are they'll work with TalkSwitch. If you do need phones, check out our line of analog telephones tailor-made for TalkSwitch.

Trust TalkSwitch

All TalkSwitch products are covered by a one-year limited warranty. Plus, TalkSwitch products purchased directly from us are covered by our 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.