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TalkSwitch TS600 Premium Executive Business PhoneTailor-Made for TalkSwitch

TalkSwitch sleek business telephones are built for smooth integration with the system and include feature keys that help you make the most of your TalkSwitch phone system.

Phone Freedom

TalkSwitch doesn't tie you down. In addition to our tailor-made phones, TalkSwitch systems also work with standard analog telephones and selected IP phones. See below for the list of approved interoperable IP phones (Current as of February 23, 2007).

TalkSwitch analog telephones will not work on extensions that have been configured as IP extensions.

TalkSwitch Analog Business Phones

Supported IP phones

The SIP standard was designed to facilitate interoperability of all SIP-based devices. For best performance, we've tested and approved the following IP phones for use with TalkSwitch. Keep an eye on this list — we'll be adding new phones as we test them.

Polycom Series - 301, 430, 501, 601
Grandstream - GXP2000
Counterpath - Eyebeam soft client

Some TalkSwitch features may work slightly differently with different phones. Specific firmware versions for each phone are supported.