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Avaya Partner ACS Voice Messaging Voicemail SystemsVoice Messaging (voice mail) is an absolute requirement for business. Avaya provides two voice messaging solutions for small & medium enterprises. For small businesses, a PCMCIA-based voice message system may be just the thing, combining the most popular voice mail functions into a single PCMCIA card. For more advanced voice messaging features and voicemail management for larger companies, the new Partner Voice Messaging Release 7.0 provides up to 200 mailboxes and optional PC-based message management.

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Avaya PCMCIA Voicemail SystemAvaya Partner ACS Voice Messaging Card

For basic voice mail functions, consider the PCMCIA voice messaging cards for Avaya ACS and Endeavour systems.
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Avaya Partner ACS Release 7.0 voice messaging system Avaya Partner Voice Messaging Release 7.0

The new Avaya Partner Messaging Release 7.0 voice mail system provides up to 200 mailboxes with 100 hours of message storage. Expandable from 2 to 4 to 6 ports, voice mail release 7.0 allows easy growth and optimal performance.
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