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Conference phone technology has brought many improvements to audio conferences in your boardroom, meeting room, office, and home.

Corded, wireless, expandable and IP-enabled conference phones make collaboration easier, less expensive and better than ever before.

Whatever your needs, Telephone Magic has a conferencing telephone unit model that's right for you. Click on the links below to find out more about the conference phones we carry. Call or request a quote and buy them wholesale!

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Conference Call Tips

  • For best results, place the speakerphone in the middle of the room, this will allow less feedback to get into the call.
  • Turn down the volume on your speakerphone; it does not need to be at a high volume to transfer your voice properly into the call.
  • Reduce Background Noises - Close the door, avoid rustling paper, loud chewing, slurping coffee, snoring, typing, other sound effects. Turn off call-waiting or paging if possible.
  • Choose A Leader - All meetings need a leader - including phone conferences. One person should moderate the call - and this doesn't have to be the boss : )
  • Identify Yourself - Your voice may not be as easy to recognize on the phone as you think! Identify yourself every time you speak for the first few times you participate in the conversation, or until people tell you they recognize your voice.
  • Voice Before Eyes - During a conference call, people will not know you are specifically addressing them. Therefore, cue them with their name. For example: "Jeff, what do you think of that idea?"
  • Wait Your Turn - Decorum and politeness should be a part of every meeting. Wait your turn to speak. Not all phones are full duplex, and you may cut off another speaker entirely.
  • Have An Agenda - All good meetings have agendas. Your conference call should be no exception. The agenda should be sent out BEFORE the call by fax or e-mail to make sure people know what's up for discussion.
  • Don't Be Dull - if you have visuals for one group, try to mail, fax or e-mail them to remote participants so they don't feel left out or bored.
  • Record The Conversation - Consider recording the call for people who can't participate. Some of the conference units we carry have outputs to allow you to record conversations. We strongly suggest you check your local regulations. For a "Guide to Taping Phone Conversations in the 50 States and D.C." click here.

    If you are interested in devices to allow you to record your audio conference, Telephone Magic carries a selection of them which can be accessed by clicking here.

A meeting held on the phone is virtually the same as a meeting held in person. That means it has the potential to be as good or bad as a face-to-face meeting. With proper planning, agendas, a moderator and good manners, audioconferencing can be an effective tool to increase productivity at a low cost. Telephone Magic sells conference phones at wholesale prices. Make sure you contact us today to find out how we can help you get started in audio conferencing.

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