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More feature-rich applications to increase employee collaboration and productivity

Voicemail - Already built in to the SV8100 Phone System on a single server, users can enjoy one touch access to voicemail as well as listen to messages remotely. Voice Mail options include VM8000 InMail and UM8000 Voice Mail, a Unified Messaging solution.

Auto Attendant - Ensures customer calls are routed to the appropriate people and answered quickly and efficiently. When customers call in, an instruction menu announcement is played, providing them with a choice of dialling options.

UC For Business (UCB)  - UC for Business, or UCB, helps unify an entire organization. Individuals, departments and locations will work more efficiently as seamless internal and external communications enable smooth collaboration. Users can connect from wherever they are by phones, PCs, mobile devices and the web - effortlessly. This single server solution is designed to optimize your communications through the convergence of communication channels and business processes. It enables your employees to collaborate more effectively across the enterprise and helps to improve their overall productivity.

Mobile Extension  - Mobile Extension gives you access to all of the features of your desktop phone from nearly any external communications device. It enables you to use a mobile phone, home phone or other external device to simulate an extension of your office phone. And customers never know you’re not at the office! One number access lets them reach you wherever you are.

Desktop Suite

PC Assistant - The Desktop Suite’s PC Assistant enables workers to get more done in less time by giving them the ability to manage telephone sets on their desktop PCs. With just a few clicks of the mouse, users can easily access features such as speed dialling, call management and contact lookup while benefitting from seamless CRM integration. Brand new features also include Presence and BLF providing an aerial view of the organisation’s communication. And, thanks to the robust networking capabilities of the UNIVERGE ®SV8100, all extensions can be networked on a single SV8100 system running the Desktop Suite. 

PC Attendant - The Desktop Suite’s PC Attendant helps improve call management and increase productivity by placing a complete attendant console right on the operator’s PC. It enables operators to work more efficiently by giving them the ability to transfer and manage calls on-screen through a completely intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). The operator can perform common user functions such as Transfer, Park and Page with a single mouse click. 

SP30 Softphone - A portable handset application which works with Desktop Suite. It’s like taking a system phone with you. Ideal for on the road and homeworkers. 

CRM - The SV8100 interacts with popular contact and CRM applications as well as Microsoft ® Outlook. It can connect to company databases providing instant access to customer information. 

Screen-pops - Prompted automatically by a call, operators view caller ID as well as customer information even before answering, enhancing customer service. 

Call Logging & Recording - A complete record of all calls made and received can be made, and also recorded as a .wav file with email-forward options. 

Instant Messaging - Personalised instant messages can be sent to other operators on their PC screen or handset screen, even when a call is being taken. 

Shared Whiteboards - Users can share drawing tools over the network such as white boards for more interactive conference calls.

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