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NEC Univerge Desktop Telephones
For SV9100/SV8100 Phone Systems

At the heart of day-to-day business communications, Digital and IP phones, terminals and softphones must combine optimum convenience with simple, intuitive operation

nec SV8100 digital phones Univerge ip telephones

NEC's SV9100 and SV8100 phone systems allows you to choose from a full range of intelligent, flexible and quality Univerge telephone terminals. Whether your telephony requirements include IP phones (DT900 / DT800 / DT700 above), SIP, digital (DT500 / DT400 / DT300 above) or analogue telephones, wireless and DECT phones, we offer telephone terminals to meet the most sophisticated demands of today's business.

Some additional options include:

NEC UT880 Touch Screen Tablet Telephone

UT880 for NEC's SV9100 is literally a complete re-imagining of the desktop phone - the next generation of the business office desk set. Combining the benefits and features of a tablet and telephone in a single device, the UT880 takes business communications to a whole new level.This provides an innovative, feature-packed appliance that revolutionizes the user experience.

NEC SV8100 DECT / IP DECT Phones

All Business Mobility SV8100 DECT handsets can be used on either DECT or IP DECT infrastructures, have an appealing design, and are easy to use. NEC Univerge SV8100 DECT phone handsets offer excellent mobile voice communication: crystal clear speech, loudspeaker and hands free support. NEC DECT handsets also handle seamless handover of calls and roaming, high security with DECT authentication, and seamless integration with features on the NEC Univerge SV8100 communication platform.

NEC SV8100 Softphone - SP30

The SV8100 Softphone SP30 is a multi-media tool that allows end-users to communicate via voice, and also offers a collaborative working environment to improve communication. This Univerge SV8100 is the ideal companion for travelling and remote users, but also for PC-intensive desktop users.

NEC Phones on Univerge SV9100 / SV8100

The NEC SV9100/SV8100 Desktop Digital or IP phone can virtually transform into EXACTLY the business desk telephone YOU require. This photo shows the vast number of exchangeable parts that allows you to tailor these terminals to your exact needs. You can even color coordinate your phones by changing the side panels to an optional color of your choosing. The amazing thing is that when things change within your business, your NEC Univerge SV8100 phone can too!

NEC Univerge phone accessories telephone options

NEC SV9100 / SV8100 Phone Functionality

An overview of handset features on NEC Univerge phones:

  1. Alphanumeric display
    • Backlit
    • Time & date
    • Extension name & number
    • Incoming call info (name & number)
  2. Handset
    • Interchangeable to Bluetooth option
    • Built-in headset port
  3. One touch keys 
    Access to system features including:
    • Extension dialling
    • Lines / call park
    • Voicemail box
    • Call recording
  4. Speaker phone
  1. 7 different LCD colours
  2. XML Open Interface
    • Capable of integration into standard & bespoke applications eg. Microsoft ®Outlook
  3. Soft keys
    Access to system features including:
    • Directories
    • Voicemail
    • Message waiting
    • Call back
    • Conference
  4. Mute Key
  5. Menu key
    • Call history - redial / missed calls
    • Directories
    • Settings: Ring volume, back light, headset
  6. Adjustable stand
  7. Navigation wheel
NEC Univerge phone functionality

NEC SV8100 Digital / IP Phone Brochures:

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