Voice over IP Gateways

Mediatrix VoIP Gateways

A Voice over IP Gateway allows you to connect a VoIP phone to a regular business telephone system.Telephone Magic Inc. offers several Voice over IP gateway units to meet your particular requirements.

For more information on how VoIP gateways can work in your busines, click here for examples and diagrams.

What do FXO and FXS Mean?

FXO and FXS are acronyms that designate the function of the component.

A component with an FXO designation connects to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN - your local phone company) OR the line side of your PBX and routes calls over the Internet.

A component with an FXS designation receives the signal from an FXO device and converts that signal back to a regular telephone line output that you can connect a phone or fax to.

So, if you want to call toll-free over the Internet between two offices or an office and home-office, you need an FXO and FXS gateway.

Here are some diagrams to explain how this might work in different situations.

Using VoIP for Telecommuting Workers (Local OR Long Distance)

Workers who are telecommuting still want to and NEED to be connected to the company's phone system. Here's how this scenario works:

An FXO VoIP gateway is connected to telecommuter's extension in the office AND to a broadband Internet connection, sending phone conversation over the Internet to an FXS VoIP Gateway at the telecommuter's remote office. This allows telecommuters to stay connected to the company phone system so other employees and incoming callers can simply dial the telecommuter's extension to reach them by phone.

Connect Two Offices by VoIP - Eliminate Long Distance Toll Charges

An FXS VoIP Gateway is connected to one of the phone line trunks coming into each office. With this configuration, you create a toll-free connection between each office.

These are two scenarios where companies can leverage the power of VoIP and provide more flexibility to telecommuters or reduce long distance costs between different offices.

If you're interested in learning more about how VoIP can work in your business, call one of our telecommunications specialists who will be happy to help design a system tailored to your needs.