Nortel Norstar ATA2, FastRAD

Norstar ICS Add-On Modules
ATA 2 and FastRAD

ATA 2 - Analog Terminal Adapter (NT8B90AL)

Norstar ATA2 (NT8B90AL)The ATA2 analog terminal adapter (NT8B90AL) converts a digital extension into analog in order to create single line capability. The ATA 2 is great for adding long range cordless phones, fax machines, and other single line devices to your Norstar system.

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Product Description
Norstar ATA2 Analog Terminal Adapter (NT8B90AL)

FastRAD - Fast Remote Access Device (NT8B80AA)

Nortel Norstar FastRAD NT8B80AAThe FastRAD - Fast Remote Access Device (NT8B80AA) - is an integral part of local and remote administration and maintenance capabilities of Norstar. The FastRAD is the physical interface hardware that is located on the customer premises. PC applications such as Norstar Remote Utilities use a modem to call and connect to the FastRAD at the Norstar system. The FastRAD integral modem will support baud rates from 4800 to 14,400 for external connections and 300 to 19,200 for local or direct connections. The FastRAD is connected to the system using a TCM port, and answers a call on the Norstar system CO line using its internal modem. The FastRAD is powered by a separate power supply. The FastRAD is compatible with all Norstar systems with DR2 software or higher.

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Product Description
Norstar FastRAD remote access device (NT8B80AA)