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On Hold Messages Reduce Caller FrustrationIt's inevitable. You call a company and get put "on hold" until the person you're calling is available. Sometimes you wait so long you get frustrated and hang up. Everyone does it - so how can you turn this potential "on hold disaster" into an opportunity?With a custom on hold message!

When a caller is placed on hold, you have the opportunity to inform and entertain them with a custom message. It's really on hold marketing - advertising your company's products and services with innovative telephone messages.

Telephone Magic provides complete Message On Hold solutions. For the past 20 years we have specialized in on hold message systems and full-service, professional message development and delivery.

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We provide a "sound" alternative to callers listening to dead air, feeling forgotten and unimportant, or worse yet, listening to competitor's commercials on the radio. Telephone Magic offers its clients an "Opportunity On Hold" - an opportunity to put their telephone "Hold" feature to work in a positive way! For more information on our message on hold players, click on the links below. Looking for in-store Digital Announcers? Click here!

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