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Avaya Cordless IP Phones
Wireless IP Telephones - 3600 Series

Avaya 3600 Series cordless IP phones 3616 3626 3641 3645 IP Office wireless VoIP phoneAvaya has several models of wireless IP phones that work with the IP Office platform. Each of them has the features needed for modern business communications.

The 3600 series IP cordless phones include the 3616 IP cordless, and the rugged full featured 3626 IP wireless phone along with the newer 3641 and 3645 IP wireless telephone models.

Each of these models is compatible with newer versions of Avaya IP Office. Some models are compatible with other Avaya business phone platforms.

Please be sure to confirm compatibility with your phone system prior to purchase.

Note: if you don't see the Avaya cordless phone model you are looking for, be sure to ask us for a quote as we carry virtually all of the Avaya wireless telephones and accessories.

 Click below for more information about each model of Avaya's 3600 IP cordless phones: 

3616 Wireless IP Phone | 3626 Wireless IP Phone | 3641 Wireless IP Phone | 3645 Wireless IP Phone

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Avaya 3616 Cordless PhoneAvaya 3616 IP Cordless Phone

The Avaya 3616 cordless IP Telephone was designed for busy office environments.

The compact Avaya 3616 wireless phone handset offers the features and accessories that people expect in a modern business phone. (more...)

Product Description
Avaya 3616 Cordless IP Phone

Avaya 3626 cordless phoneAvaya 3626 IP Cordless Phone

The Avaya 3626 Wireless Telephone is designed specifically for use in industrial workplace applications. It is extremely durable and has no moving parts, no external antenna, and no complex configuration menus.

The Avaya 3626 cordless phone handset has a rugged, monolithic design that gives users a large earpiece to provide comfort and seal out background noise. (more...)

Product Description
Avaya 3626 Cordless IP Phone

Avaya 3641 cordless IP phoneAvaya 3641 IP Cordless Phone

The 3641 IP wireless telephone is ideal in any work environment and addresses the day-to-day rigors of the mobile user across many industries with back-lit keypad and large display. It is lightweight yet rugged in design making it a reliable option being resistant to dust, shock, and liquid damage.

The 3641 IP cordless phone also has the convenience of the built-in speakerphone and headset compatibility increase productivity and responsiveness for the user. The extended battery options increase accessibility by providing 24 hour operation. (more...)

Product Description
Avaya 3641 Cordless IP Phone

Avaya 3645 cordless IP phoneAvaya 3645 IP Cordless Phone

The 3645 IP wireless telephone is designed for the industrial environment with its push-to-talk capability eliminating the need for two-way radios appropriate for work groups that are dispersed throughout an environment. The larger earpiece provides comfort for the user and seals out background noise.

Like the 3641, the 3645 IP cordless phone is equipped with a back-lit keypad and large display allowing for easy use. Built-in speakerphone, headset compatibility, and extended battery options boost efficiency and extend accessibility. (more...)

Product Description
Avaya 3645 Cordless IP Phone
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