NEC SV9100 phone system

SV9100 Phone System

Smart Communications for Small and Medium Businesses

NEC SV9100 phone system and display telephoneNEC SV9100 Telephone System

The latest generation of NEC's Univerge hybrid platform is the SV9100 phone system. This communication solution takes all the best features of it's predecessor (the SV8100) and combines them with an "amped up" main processor that runs high end applications with ease.

Features such as Voicemail to Email and Call Recording no longer need special daughter boards and expanded memory cards with the super-charged CPU of the SV9100 phone system - in fact, the SV9100 is so powerful, the whole InMail voice mail application runs within an on-board micro SD card. We love the simplicity, and you will love the feature rich nature of the SV9100.

NEC SV9100 9.5 inch chassisNEC's SV9100 Communications Server is a Unified Communications solution that is tailor made for small and medium-sized businesses.

The SV9100 has an intelligent design - it's built to scale as your business grows - and has powerful mobility and UC features that you would traditionally only expect to find in an enterprise communication platform. You can even control and utilize your phone from your PC with an optional license for Desktop Suite.

Telephone Magic offers the NEC SV9100 in two sizes and three variations to meet the needs of the smallest businesses to those with almost a thousand employees:

  • The SV9100E 19" Expandable Chassis is for medium sized businesses that wish to take full advantage of what IP and Unified Communications has to offer. Can grow to 4 chassis.
  • The SV9100S 19" Single Chassis is for small businesses that want the features, and also want a system that will grow with their company - migrating to an SV9100E when ready.
  • The SV9100S 9.5" Single Chassis is for the smallest businesses that have as few as 2-4 phone lines and 2-8 telephones, but can also grow and migrate to a 19" SV9100S when ready.
NEC SV9100 19 inch chassis
NEC SV9100 phone system quote
Product Description
SV9100E 19 inch System Chassis (6 card slots - FREE configuration assistance!)
SV9100S 19 inch System Chassis (6 card slots - FREE configuration assistance!)
SV9100 19 inch System Wall Mount Kit
SV9100 19 inch System Rack Mount Kit
SV9100S 9.5 inch Phone System (3 card slots - FREE configuration assistance!)
SV9100 Installation Cable (order one for every 24 system ports)

NEC's SV9100 Specifications:

NEC SV9100 Internet Telephony Product of the Year 2015
  • Distinct, scalable, IP Unified Communication enabled solution
  • Highly reliable chassis and optional battery backup
  • Integrates with the new UT880 tablet phone
  • Winner of Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award

NEC's SV9100 Features:

  • Simplified user licensing structure
  • Comprehensive suite of Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions
  • Broad range of mobility applications and devices
  • Vertical market-specific solution integrations
  • Wide-range of end-points
  • Single point configuration and management
  • Multi-Line SIP Client, Multi-Carrier Support
NEC UT880 tablet phone for SV9100

SV9100 is a Good Corporate Citizen:

  • Complies with all regulatory standards
  • Delivers on NEC's green initiatives
  • Safeguards your investment


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