Mitel PBX phone system equipment

Mitel PBX Phone Equipment

Leveraging nearly 30 years of industry expertise, Mitel has developed a complete range of communications platforms designed to meet the needs of any business, with a huge base of hotel industry clients. Mitel provides the tools to improve productivity and efficiency for a tangible return on investment. Hospitality features are a hallmark of Mitel systems and voice mail systems.

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Mitel SX-2000 PBX

The Mitel SX-2000 PBX communications system provides medium-to-large hotels and business enterprises with feature-rich voice communications, centralized management, high level of scalability and seamless networking capabilities. With the SX-2000, enterprises can now enable IP networking, phones, conference units, and applications across their hospitality property, corporate headquarters, remote offices, and employee home offices through their existing network.

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Mitel SX-200 PBX

Mitel SX-200 is ideal for mid-sized hospitality properties, start-ups, and small businesses, but can also expand to meet the needs of medium and large-size enterprises. Whether you have ten employees in one office, or six hundred spread across a large hotel complex, a Mitel SX-200 delivers the advanced capabilities your business demands.

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Mitel SX-50 Phone System

Mitel SX-50 PBX

This Integrated Communications System uses an innovative, compact modular design, which allows easy system expansion, faultfinding and card replacement. Mitel's SX-50 is a digital electronic system, using stored program control and advanced digital architecture. With a wide range of features, the SX-50 is a favorite within the hotel industry with its enhanced hospitality software.

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