Scitec Hotel Phones

Scitec Hotel Phone Sets

hotel phone sets Teledex Scitec telephoneHOTELtelecom is a division of Telephone Magic Inc. and has been a leading supplier of hotel phone sets since 1989. As such, we will not knowingly be undersold.

We will BEAT any verifiable price on any new hotel telephone we sell!

We only sell hotel phone sets from industry leaders Teledex and Scitec. When it comes to hotel phones, there are no better names in the business than Teledex and Scitec. When it comes to selling, supplying and servicing hotel telephone sets, HOTELtelecom is the best name in the business!

Scitec Hotel Phones Aegis 600 Hotel PhoneWith more than 50 telephone models designed for lobby, guestroom, back office, emergency, and other hotel applications, Scitec is a fixture in leading hotel chains worldwide. With their new VoIP solutions, Scitec continues to lead the way with innovation and flexibility.

Did you know that quality Scitec telephones with patented, user-friendly technologies are as attractively priced as they are well-designed? For more information on Scitec hotel phones we offer, click on the links below.

FACT: Dollar for dollar, feature for feature, Scitec's Aegis hotel phones are always AT LEAST 20% less expensive than Teledex phones!

Scitec Hotel Phones

Aegis-08 Series hotel phones room telephones
Aegis-08 Series
Hotel Phones

The redesigned Aegis-08 series is stylish and maintain all the standard hotel phone features.
Aegis Series single line hotel phones room telephones
Aegis-00 Legacy Series
1- Line Hotel Phones

Single Line guestroom phones with a variety of features for guest comfort and convenience.
Scitec Aegis 2-line hotel phones room telephones
Aegis-00 Legacy Series
2-Line Hotel Phones

Two-line phones designed for advanced guest communications convenience.
Scitec Emergency phones
Emergency Hotel

Having a clearly-marked phone for emergency use is always a wise idea.
Scitec Industry Standard phones
Industry Standard
Hotel Phones

Single line, basic desk and wall phones.