NEC Univerge SV8100 IP phone system

NEC Univerge IP Phone System

nec univerge SV8100 ip phone systems digital phones voip telephones

One measure of success in business is recognizing when you have fallen behind. If you have a phone system platform that is 8-10 years old, you are already generations beyond current. This is because telephone communication has changed in leaps and bounds in that time, and continues to evolve at incredible speeds. NEC's Univerge line has brought small to medium-sized businesses communication features that were once only enjoyed by enterprise sized companies. Univerge allows small businesses tp succeed by placing people at the center of communications.

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Product Description
SV9100E 19 inch System Chassis (6 card slots - FREE configuration assistance!)
SV9100S 19 inch System Chassis (6 card slots - FREE configuration assistance!)
SV9100 19 inch System Wall Mount Kit
SV9100 19 inch System Rack Mount Kit
SV9100S 9.5 inch Phone System (3 card slots - FREE configuration assistance!)
SV9100 Installation Cable (order one for every 24 system ports)

NEC Univerge IP Telephone System

NEC SV8100 phone system The first solution for small to medium-sized businesses in the Univerge line was the SV8100 Phone System. This robust, feature-rich telephone system is completely scalable and can be expanded to meet your communications needs in the future.

The SV8100 is a "hybrid" platform - it supports Digital phones, IP terminals, PC softphones, video, wired or wireless. It also provides three on-board applications and a full range of high-powered features that can be transparently shared between branches or remote locations. Individuals, departments and locations can work more efficiently by using this feature to communicate seamlessly in real time.

NEC SV9100 phone system and display telephoneThe latest generation of NEC's Univerge hybrid platform is the SV9100 phone system. This communication solution takes all the best features of the SV8100 and combines them with an "amped up" main processor that runs high end applications with ease.

Features such as Voicemail to Email and Call Recording no longer need special daughter boards and expanded memory cards with the super-charged CPU of the SV9100 phone system - in fact, the SV9100 is so powerful, the whole InMail voice mail application runs off an on-board micro SD card. We love the simplicity, and you will love the feature rich nature of the SV9100.

Build Your NEC SV8100 System: Add SV8100 Phone System Cards

The NEC Univerge line of servers are ultimately capable of tens of thousands of business extentions in a single user network, so there is virtually no limit to their capabilities when it comes to scalability.

NEC Communication Servers software assurance sealNEC Communication Servers are always able to represent the latest in technical innovation via regular software updates.

NEC's Software Assurance program is a unique way to maintain your Univerge Server with the latest software version. This also guarantees NEC technical support for your server when issues arise that require assistance.

NEC Software Assurance is a great way to stay current with the latest tools and features while also maintaining your security and peace of mind.

NEC Corporation of America is a leading provider of innovative IT, network and communications products and solutions. Empowered by innovation, its solutions, products and services are backed by the leadership and expertise of one of the most successful global companies of more than 100 years. NEC Corporation of America delivers one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of technology solutions and professional services to carrier and both SMB and large enterprise clients across multiple vertical industries.

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