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ShoreTel Communicator

ShoreTel Communicator

ShoreTel CommunicatorShoreTel Communicator - Whether simplifying day-to-day communications, streamlining the work of contact center agents and supervisors, or making it easier for mobile workers to stay in the loop, your ShoreTel Communicator call manager puts intuitive communication and collaboration tools at end users' fingertips.

ShoreTel Communicator delivers unified communications (UC) in an intuitive interface and is available in diverse environments such as Web browsers, Windows, Mac OS, Citrix, iPhones, BlackBerry, and Nokia mobile phones. With minimal training, users across job roles can master a full suite of versatile tools for managing real-time communications on their computer or mobile phone, moving seamlessly between voice, video, or IM as needed.

ShoreTel Communicator provides integrated advanced call management and quality desktop video in a highly customizable interface that is easy to set up. In addition to tight integration with Microsoft Outlook, it offers instant messaging (IM) functionality that gives users the power to contact people in remote locations, have sidebar conversations during calls, or to bring several people into a chat session.

Pre-built integration of enterprise and CRM applications (such as Salesforce), calendaring, and workflow, raises the bar on customer interaction by putting data where it's most needed. ShoreTel Communicator can also integrate with third-party information and applications via a rich set of application programming interfaces (APIs).

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Product Description
ShoreTel Communicator

ShoreTel Communicator Features:

The ShoreTel Communicator call manager presents end-users a single interface to manage business communications using their ShoreTel desk phone, computer, mobile phone, or home telephone. The application integrates with Microsoft Outlook, and provides visual voicemail, call notes, and routing information.

Connects people faster

By integrating communications tasks previously performed with separate tools, ShoreTel Communicator's rich media, advanced mobility, and presence features simplify communication, enabling on-site and remote users alike to see who is available, and to choose how best to reach them. QuickDialer offers rapid access to directories or Outlook contacts, and provides a quick way to connect using IM or email.

Simplifies collaboration

ShoreTel Communicator brings multimedia communications, enterprise applications, and personal information into one seamless and integrated environment. End users have more control of their communications, and can easily share documents and access scheduled conferences.

Helps mobile users stay connected

ShoreTel Communicator enables mobile and off-site users to make and receive calls transparently as though they were at their desks. It also improves productivity by providing seamless remote access to voicemail, directories and address books, call history, and call-routing settings. This direct visual access from mobile devices is a faster, more intuitive alternative to traditional dial-in access to corporate voicemail.

Raises the bar on customer interaction

Both agents and supervisors, whether working on-site, or remotely in a virtual contact center, can access a powerful suite of capabilities — including agent controls, real-time statistics, and historical reports — from the same desktop interface that is used companywide.

Integrates easily with your existing applications

Pre-built tight integration with your existing CRM applications, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, puts business intelligence right where it’s needed, so you get more out of your two most important assets: people and information. In addition, open interfaces on the desktop enable customized solutions.

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