Nortel Meridian 5208 Centrex phone Aastra 5208 Centrex telephone

M5208 Meridian Centrex Phone
Aastra 5208 Telephone

M5208 Meridian Centrex Nortel phone telephone terminal Equipped with a liquid crystal (LCD) display, the M5208 combines time-saving and convenience features with easy operation. The M5208 adds display capabilities to the basic Meridian Digital Centrex features found on the M5008 set.

5208 Centrex Phone Features:

  • The M5208 is MADN-capable, letting you program your set for appearances of other users' directory numbers. Call coverage is simple.
  • The 2-line X 24-character liquid crystal display can tell you who is calling and whether the call was transferred or forwarded. Armed with such information, you can answer personally and appropriately.
  • Visual ringing indication alerts you to an incoming call with a flashing lamp. Even if you are on your primary line, you won't miss important calls.
  • The M5208 includes eight programmable line/feature keys as well as conveniently placed, color-coded Hold and Release keys for improved efficiency and better call processing.
  • The built-in speaker permits on-hook dialing and makes it easy to access voice mail.
  • The M5208 is loop powered. Because local power is not required, your set will retain display capabilities even during a power outage.
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Product Description
Meridian M5208 Centrex Phone - Black
Meridian M5208 Centrex Phone - Grey
Meridian M5208 Centrex Phone - Ash (Beige)
Headset for Meridian M5208 Centrex Phone

M5208 Centrex Phone Benefits:

  • The M5208 is a good match when occasional call coverage and exceptional reliability are important. Terminate one or multiple lines, or use Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN) to maximize call coverage. As with all sets in the MBS II Portfolio, the M5208 is designed to maximize use of Nortel Network's Meridian Digital Centrex (MDC) features.
  • PDF Document Links M5208 Meridian Business Set (with display) brochure

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