Nortel Meridian M3901 digital phone

Nortel M3901 Phone
Meridian 3901 Telephone

M3901 Meridian phone M1 3901 telephone

The Nortel 3901 phone is an economical digital single line telephone that is geared for areas of your business with light call volumes, such as lobbies, reception areas, cafeterias or hallways. It supports up to five programmable features, particularly optimized for Auto Dial. A convenient feature card identifies features and auto Dial Numbers.

Nortel Meridian 3902 Telephone
Product Description
Nortel Meridian M3901 Phone - Charcoal
Nortel Meridian M3901 Phone - Platinum
Headset for Nortel Meridian M3901 Phones

Nortel M3901 Features and Benefits:

  • Entry-Level, Single-Line Phone
  • Five Programmable Features
  • Four Fixed Keys - Line, Feature, Hold and Goodbye
  • Multipurpose LED Indicator: Message Waiting, Feature Activation and Incoming Call
  • Feature Card
  • Desk or Wall Mount
  • Headset Support

Nortel M3901 Phone Colors:

  • Charcoal
  • Platinum

* Functionality of some features assumes availability and customer subscription to service provider offerings. 

Local telephone companies: Buy Meridian 3904 phone sets at wholesale prices for your rental phones program.

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