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Nortel CS 1000 Communication Server

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Nortel CS 1000

The Nortel CS 1000 - Communication Server 1000 - is a server-based, full-featured IP PBX and the cornerstone of Nortel Enterprise Unified Communications deployments. The Nortel CS 1000 provides the benefits of a converged network plus advanced applications and over 750 world-class telephony features. Fully distributed over IP LAN & WAN infrastructure with built-in reliability and survivability, Communication Server 1000 supports business-critical applications, including unified messaging, customer contact center, IVR, wireless VoIP and IP phones.

Nortel i2007 VoIP phoneThe Communication Server 1000 is an integral part of Nortel's Unified Communications (UC) Vision and will evolve with you as your needs change. Integration of the Nortel CS 1000 with Microsoft and IBM UC solutions extends telephony capabilities to the desktop for enhanced productivity. 

The Nortel CS 1000 comes with no less than 750 telephony features and a full suite of integrated applications pre-loaded "in the box" - as your business needs evolve, you can easily activate more capabilities. Rich multimedia applications can be activated to voice-and chat-enable a website. These features are all orderable via simple software keycodes and do not require extra hardware.

As the Nortel CS 1000 can be configured in in many different ways, we suggest you contact us directly TOLL FREE so that we can advise you on the best solution for your needs.

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Product Description
Nortel CS 1000
Note: We will consult you regarding your needs and the exact system configuration.

Nortel CS 1000 Features & Benefits:

  • Feature rich with over 750 call processing and telephony features
  • Highly scalable with support for up to 22,500 IP users off of one Call Server, multiple Call Servers networked together can support unlimited scalability
  • World class reliability and redundancy mechanisms - highly reliability architectural elements that maximize network uptime with extensive redundancy mechanisms to ensure network uptime including survivability options such as Campus and
  • Geographic redundancy to support network failover
  • Extensive desktop portfolio includes; Wireless, Soft-phones, IP, Digital and Analog set support, to meet diverse end-user requirements
  • Supports business-critical applications, including IP Contact Center, CallPilot unified messaging, and integrated services such as conferencing, one-number-follow-me Personal Call Director, recorded announcement, network-wide attendant and messaging
  • Telephony integration with desktop application providers such as Microsoft and IBM 
  • Comprehensive security mechanisms ensure signaling, media and IP security with support for sRTP, IPsec, SIP TLS and AES-128 encryption
  • Broad portfolio of Media Gateways support a wide range of client types with flexible scalability options and support for a complete range of analog and digital trunk interfaces
  • Over 750 features, including: Ad-Hoc conferencing, Scheduled Conferencing, Attendant Recall, Automatic Busy Redial, Call Duration Display Timer, Call Forward (9 types), Call Join, Call Park, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Calling Line Identification, Calling Party Name Display, Charge Account Codes, Controlled Class of Service, DID Route Control, Flash, Hold, Hunting (6 types), Internal Forward, Malicious Call Trace, Override Position Busy, Remote Message Waiting, Ring Again and many more
  • Transparent feature interworking across an IP WAN among Communication Server 1000, Meridian 1 and Business Communications Manager systems
  • Resiliency mechanisms ensure your network stays up and operational to ensure you stay focused on the business at hand
  • Security mechanisms ensure your network traffic, data and users are protected - so you can worry about growing your business
  • Open architecture enables integration with 3rd party clients and applications to deliver solutions that meet your objectives
  • Simple, scalable architecture enables you to deploy one solution today and evolve it as your needs dictate
  • Empower your mobilized workforce with the same capabilities and tools available to the desktop
  • Distributed services across a common communication network improves efficiency
  • Extensive desktop capabilities, including IP, digital and analog phone support leverages support of existing infrastructure
  • Integration with world-class telephony and multimedia applications from Nortel and 3rd parties provides your workforce with the tools to excel
  • Architecture and philosophy that ensures investment protection
  • An evolution path from TDM to IP - at your own pace!


If you would like to purchase or discuss the Nortel Communication Server 1000 Telephone System in greater detail then please contact us TOLL FREE at 1-855-929-9199 as we will only be too happy to help.

Nortel CS 1000 Communication Server 1000 unified digital and IP VoIP telephone system

The Nortel CS 1000 - Communications Server 1000 - the unified communications solution that gives you an edge on your competition!