Mitel 4025 Superset phone

Mitel Superset™ 4025 Phone

Mitel Superset 4025 Phone

Mitel 4025 Superset Phone

The Mitel Superset 4025 is ideal for users who require feature-rich telephony functions that can be modified to match their constantly changing needs or resource-intensive daily tasks. The Superset 4025 is designed to meet the needs of managers who are often travelling, away from their desk or participating in conference calls. Contact center agents also benefit from the Superset 4025 advanced feature set, providing them with advanced call control in response to incoming calls.

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Product Description
Mitel Superset 4025 Phone
Headset for Mitel Superset 4025 Phone

Mitel Superset 4025 Features:

  • Speaker phone
  • Handsfree operation (half duplex)
  • 20-character backlit display
  • Context-sensitive softkeys for feature-set customization
  • Off-hook call announce
  • 14 programmable keys with LED indicators
  • Supports Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) agent and supervisor functionality
  • Supports firmware download
  • SuperKey programming for easy access to PBX telephone system features function keys

Mitel 4025 Superset Documentation:

When you buy a Mitel Superset 4025 phone from Telephone Magic it comes with a 1-year warranty.