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Jabra EVOLVE 20
Corded USB Headset
with Noise Cancelling Microphone

Jabra Evolve 20 USB UC HeadsetThe Jabra EVOLVE 20 is a professional headset designed to improve conversations.

Background noise in conversations is a significant issue. The EVOLVE 20 features a state-of-the-art noise cancelling microphone to eliminate background noise. The comfortable foam ear cushions are designed to reduce high-frequency sounds so there's no struggle to be heard.

An intuitive cord-mounted control unit with large buttons and LED indicators allows users to easily access functions like volume and mute, as well as answer and end calls directly from the control unit.

The EVOLVE 20 is compatible with leading Unified Communications platforms and works out of the box Installation is as easy as simply plugging it in. It also comes in a Microsoft (Skype for Business) compatible version.

World class speakers on the EVOLVE 20 are built for both music and voice. Users can switch easily between conversations and listening to their favourite tracks.

The EVOLVE 20 comes in mono and stereo versions.

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Product Description
Jabra EVOLVE 20 USB Stereo Headset
Jabra EVOLVE 20 USB Mono Headset
Jabra EVOLVE 20 USB Stereo Headset | Microsoft Compatible
Jabra EVOLVE 20 USB Mono Headset | Microsoft Compatible

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