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Plantronics CS500 XD Series
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Plantronics CS540-XD wireless phone headsetCS540-XD Wireless Phone Headsets

The CS500-XD wireless headset series is the no-hassle, high-quality solution for fitting more wireless headsets in the same office.

  • 900MHz wireless technology
  • Hands-free up to 350 feet
  • Extraordinary sound quality

What do you get? All of the features of the innovative CS500 wireless headset series along with the oportunity to add More Headsets in the Same Office Space with Clear Communication and No Interference or "Crosstalk".

CS500-XD Wireless Phone Headset Series

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CS500 XD Wireless Headset Series

Interactive CS500-XD DemoMore Headsets, More Wireless Freedom.

The Plantronics CS500 XD Wireless Headset Series was designed to address wireless density issues, so that more wireless headsets can be used in the same space while maintaining clear conversations. Using 900 MHz technology, the CS500 XD Series provides up to a 350 foot range, and includes a convertible headset with a hot swappable battery (CS545-XD) for unlimited talk time.

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Lady wearing CS500-XD wireless headsetSuperior Call Management

With one-touch call answer/end, vol+/-, and mute, manage calls from up to 350 feet from the charging base. The CS500 XD system also enables you to conference in up to three additional XD Series headsets for easier collaboration and guest headsets can subscribe to a base by simply docking the headset. Use with Electronic Hook Switch Cable or Handset Lifter to remotely answer/end calls.

Outstanding Audio Quality

High density wireless headsets allow more people to use them in smaller areasDesigned for extreme density environments, the CS500 XD Series features 900MHz technology that allows you to deploy more wireless headsets in a specified space. Your choice of narrow or wideband professional grade audio quality -- choose narrowband to extend talk time or wideband mode to enable clearer conversations. An extended boom and noise-canceling microphone filter out background noise, so listeners can hear conversations clearly and enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides more natural sound, delivering clear audio the way it’s intended to be heard.

Three Wearing StylesWearing Style Choice

The CS500 XD Series offers you a choice of three comfort-tested wearing options to match your personal style:

  • Convertible: over-the-ear, over-the-head, behind-the-head*
  • Over-the-head monaural: covers one ear for comfort and awareness of environment
  • Over-the-head binaural: covers both ears for comfort, focus and blocking out background noise

*Neckband sold separately

Power In The Base

A sleek charging base is included with the CS500 XD Series.

An adaptive power system optimizes for range and talk time by automatically downshifting to low power when the headset is close to the base to save battery life.

Diagram of CS500 XD

Headset Accessories - Handset Lifter, Online Indicator, Battery, Neckband

Health & Productivity Benefits of Headsets

Office worker wearing headset

Ergonomists agree that anyone who uses a keyboard or takes notes while talking on the telephone would benefit from the hands-free relief provided be a phone headset. For these workers, the telephone headset should no longer be considered optional equipment, but should be an integral part of the workstation design.

When you crunch the telephone handset against your shoulder and your neck, you are compressing tissues and blood vessels and reducing blood flow. This, over time, can contribute to significant discomfort and ultimately a cumulative trauma disorder of the upper extremities. By using a telephone headset, a correct posture can be maintained and neck and shoulder pain avoided.

Headset Health and Productivity Information:

Male office worker wearing headset

Telephone Neck Syndrome
After a while the hypercontracted muscles become irritated, cutting off their own blood supply and may go into spasm, causing Telephone Neck Syndrome (More)

Physical Benefits of Headsets
Neck and upper back muscle tension is one of the most common ailments of office workers today. New evidence confirms headsets are a cost-effective, preventative solution for office workers. (More)

Headsets Improve Efficiency
...workers (with headsets) showed an overall productivity increase of up to 43% over the control group. (More)

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Are Telephone Headsets Cool?
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Frequently Asked Questions
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