Norstar M7208 phone

M7208 Norstar Telephone

M7208 phone telephone Meridian Norstar

This basic telephone is ideal for users who need access to a just a few lines, programmable features, and autodial numbers. The M7208 is well-suited for areas with shared telephones, like manufacturing plants, retail departments, or repair centers.

All phones come with a one (1) year warranty.

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Product Description
Norstar M7208 Telephone: Black
Norstar M7208 Telephone: Grey
Norstar M7208 Telephone: Ash/Beige

Key Features:

  • Eight programmable buttons for features and lines
  • Programmable autodial
  • One-line by sixteen-character LCD Window
  • Supported on all Norstar Integrated Communications Systems
  • Available in black, ash and gray
  • Plus a long list of Norstar standard features

* Functionality of some features assumes availability and customer subscription to service provider offerings.

Local telephone companies: Buy Nortel Norstar M7208 phone sets at wholesale prices for your rental programs.