Norstar T7316e phone

Nortel Norstar T7316e Telephone

The Nortel Norstar T7316E phone is a professional level, multi-line, telephone equipped with a two-line display. It's specifically designed for the high-call-volume user, who typically requires a maximum amount of interactive information and a programmable set of buttons. Ideal users include managers, executives, other professionals, and office administrators. The T7316e can be expanded to add up to four T24 KIM/CAP modules so you can monitor an additional 96 lines or extensions.. Originally the Nortel Norstar T7316E phone, this is now continued as the 7316e telephone.

T7316 phone telephone 7316

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Product Description
Nortel Norstar T7316e Telephone: Charcoal
Nortel Norstar T7316e Telephone: Platinum

Nortel Norstar T7316E Key Features:

  • Up to 10 lines, 24 programmable memory buttons (16 with LCD indicator), plus integrated busy lamp field, 2-line, 16 character-per-line LCD window with 3 soft keys.
  • Tilt display with integrated visual ring/message waiting indicator
  • Compatible with Norstar and Business Communication Manager systems
  • Add a KIM / CAP Module

7316E Colors:

  • Charcoal
  • Platinum

* Functionality of some features assumes availability and customer subscription to service provider offerings.

Note: You can buy new or factory reconditioned T7316e phones complete with a 1-year warranty. Factory reconditioned phones are functionally and visually indistinguishable from new phones

Local telephone companies: Buy Norstar T7316e phone sets at wholesale prices for your rental program.