Norstar T7406 phone

Norstar T7406E Telephone

The Nortel Norstar T7406E cordless phone is a full-featured, multi-line wireless telephone that allows mobile employees to stay in touch with the features and capabilities of their desktop. It ranges up to 1000 feet from the base station and supports 1-8 people, enabling employees to be more productive while moving about the office. It is ideal for small enterprises, branch offices, retail, healthcare clinics, manufacturing and other typical business environments. Originally the Nortel Norstar T7406E phone, this is now continued as the 7406e telephone.

T7406 phone Nortel Norstar telephone 7406

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Product Description
Nortel Norstar 7406e Cordless Phone - Complete Kit
Nortel Norstar 7406e - Additional Handset Kit
Nortel Norstar 7406e - Antenna Charger Base
Nortel Norstar 7406e Battery (spare / replacement batteries)

T7406E Phone Features:

  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz,
  • Supporting radio technologies: Spread Spectrum, Frequency Hopping, Antenna Diversity, Multicast Signaling, G729 Compression
  • Range: 1,000 feet (350 meters) clear line of sight as per independent lab tests
  • Battery life: 5 hours speak, 36 hours standby
  • Dimensions: 138 mm height, 53 mm width, 53 mm depth
  • Handset features include handsfree/ speakerphone, vibrate/silent mode, 20 name directory, back light and message waiting options, signal strength indicator and out-of-range audible alert
  • Equip with Direct Connect Headset Jack

Compatibility Matrix:

The T7406E telephone has been specifically designed to be compatible with all iterations of Norstar 3x8, 6x16, 8x24, CICS and MICS KSUs as well as all iterations of the BCM50, BCM200/ 400 and BCM1000.

* Functionality of some features assumes availability and customer subscription to service provider offerings.

Note: We offer T7406e phones complete with a 1-year warranty. Add this wireless option to your Norstar phone system today!

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