Nortel Norstar phone handset cords

Norstar Telephone Replacement Handset Cord

Norstar handset curly cordNorstar Phone Handset Cords

Replacement handset cord for Norstar phones.

Buy a few for spares or as an immediate replacement.

Three colors are available for two different lengths of handset cords.

Why pay more for a basic six foot cord when we offer twelve foot cords at wholesale prices in Black, Ash/Beige and Grey.

We also offer extended length twenty-five foot cords in the same three colors - Black, Ash/Beige and Grey.

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Product Description
12 foot cord, Black
12 foot cord, Ash/Beige
12 foot cord, Grey
25 foot cord, Black
25 foot cord, Ash/Beige
25 foot cord, Grey

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Buy Norstar Phone Handset Cords
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