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Note: This product has been discontinued - click here for other Norstar Voice Mail products.

Voice Gate VoiceGate For larger Norstar voice mail requirements, we sell the most powerful voice mail integration for Meridian Norstar.

Our VoiceGate platform is a robust voice messaging package that allows us to create custom applications for our clients. The newest add-on modules include call accounting, property management software integration, integrated voicemail and email with Microsoft Outlook, internal desktop messaging (like ICQ or MSN Messanger).

You can even record conversations up to 30 minutes long directly into your personal mailbox and you can start recording a call DURING the conversation!

Our Norstar VoiceGate ICS for Windows 2000 is the engine that is driving future voice messaging technology. Based on the success of our award winning VIP4000 platform, the VoiceGate ICS encompasses all the features and flexibility of its predecessor. Furthermore, it acts as the foundation for building blocks such as desktop messaging, fax mail, speech recognition, and unified messaging to be added as modules in the near future. Since the majority of CTI applications developed today are based on Microsoft's Windows 2000 platform, this product will grow with your future needs.

Product VoiceGate ICS

Operating Platform

Windows 2000
Memory 128 MB RAM
Programmed by Mouse, Keyboard, or Touchtone Telephone
Software CD ROM
Number of Mailboxes 250 to 10,000
Multi-tasking Yes
Network Compatible Yes
VoiceGate Wav (Message on Hold system) Yes - Standard
Network (NIC) Card Yes - Standard
Call Forward Mode schedule Yes
Search By Name Transfer to
Personal Assistant
Copy Holiday Messages Utility Yes
Voice Mail Box (On/Off) Yes
Call Alert Wireless Messaging Yes - Optional
Holiday Messages 30 ranges
Remote Programming LAN, Modem (Optional), and Touchtone Telephone
IVR Optional (Some restrictions)
StatsPack Enhanced

*Product specifications and functionality are subject to change without further notice.

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Note: This product has been discontinued - click here for other Norstar Voice Mail products.