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DESI-less Digital Phone

NEC DT330 DTL-8LD-1 DESI-less digital phone Univerge SV8100 telephone terminalNEC DTL-8LD-1 DESI-less Telephone

With its ability to be customized for various workplace environments, NEC's DTL-8LD-1 DESI-less terminal is recommended to be used as office phone, e.g. for desk sharers, people working in teams or call center staff.

A full-feature enterprise-class telephone, the DT330 DESI-less Digital Phone provides a large backlit graphics display with self-labeling keys, four intuitive call state sensitive softkeys, superior sound quality with wideband audio. The DT330-DESI-less Digital Phone is ideal for any enterprise executive or manager, Hot Desk users, Teleworkers, and Contact Center agents and supervisors.

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Product Description
NEC DTL-8LD-1 DESI-less Digital Phone
Headset for NEC DTL-8LD-1 DESI-less Digital Phone

NEC SV8100 digital phone - low power consumer telephoneNEC DTL-8LD-1 DESI-less Digital Phone Features:

  • Flexible user interface
  • Backlit keypad
  • Hands-free, full duplex
  • Headset support
  • Easy to use soft keys/LCD prompts
  • Directory dialling
  • Navigation wheel
  • Call history
  • Wall mountable

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