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SV8100 4 Port Analog Trunk Daughter Card

SV8100 4-Port Analog Line Daughter Card PZ-4COTF

NEC SV8100 4-Port analog trunk daughter card PZ-4COTF

The NEC SV8100 4-Port Analog Line daughter card PZ-4COTF mounts to the CD-4COTB Analog Trunk Card and is used when you want to connect up to 4 additional analog telephone lines (PSTN / CO's) to the  SV8100 phone system.

This card is one of the most popular ways to add further regular telephone lines to the NEC SV8100 telephone system in a gradual manner.

By attaching the PZ-4COTF to the main 4 analog line card, it expands the SV8100 phone system with further 4 additional analog CO's.

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Product Description
NEC SV8100 4-Port Analog Line daughter card PZ-4COTF

4-Port Analog Trunk Daughter Card Features:

  • Used to connect up to 4 (PSTN) analogue lines to the system
  • Caller ID circuits
  • 2 power fail transfer circuits
  • Connects to the CD-4COTB card

SV8100 Phone System Brochures:

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