NEC Univerge IP DECT cordless phones

NEC G955 DECT Cordless Phone Handset

NEC G955 DECT handsetNEC G955 DECT Wireless Telephone

The G955 handset is a sophisticated wireless handset for use in professional office environments providing the mobile user the optimum in mobility, accessibility, flexibility and comfort.

NEC SV8100 IP phone - low power consumer telephone

NEC G955 DECT Wireless Phone Features:

Ideal for office users who require advanced voice and messaging features

  • Calling name / number, call logging
  • Headset compatible including Bluetooth
  • Internal directory: 200
  • Central directory
  • SOS alarm key
  • Location detection
  • Messaging (LMRS)
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Appealing design, easy to use handset
  • Increased accessibility
  • Flexibility, comfort and mobility
  • Additional freedom with Bluetooth headset
  • High-end mobile communications device for voice and messaging
  • Reduced communication and maintenance costs
  • A simple, secure, feature rich solution
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Product Description
NEC G955 DECT Cordless Phone Handset
Headset for NEC G955 DECT Wireless Phone Handset

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