Voyager Reset Codes for
CL-220XP/Alpha Model

How to Re-Sync phone set with base

  1. While the handset is on hit the MENU keyPress the down arrow until you reach Prog COUnplug the power adapter on the base unitPress OK on the handsetThen immediately press and hold the PROGRAM button on the base unit and plug the power adapter back into the baseThe handset should then show OK and make a single medium length tone
  2. Test the handset by hitting OK button on the handset which will go off hook. You can note this by looking on the base and seeing the IN USE light on the base.

Reset phone to factory default settings (if set does not sync up with base)

  1. Remove the battery from the handsetHold the MEMO key on the handset and re-insert the battery. You should hear 3 fast beeps.The screen should read "FACTORY RESET".

    Press the MENU button.You will see "ADR DATA XXX" which by default should be "00 4"If it is not, press the INT button and it will change to "00 4"

    Press MENU and you will see "TEST MODE 1-5"

    Press the 1 key. You should see "*AK2358* 0FF463C9". (0 = zero)

    If the code above does not read 0FF463C9, you need to change it.

    To change each number of that code the numbers 1 through 8 on the handset key pad change the corresponding line.

    For example, to cycle the number 6 in the code (0FF463C9) hit the number 5 on your handset. Keep hitting the number 5 on the dial pad until it cycles to 6 Therefore 0 = 1, F = 2, F =3, 4 = 4, 6 = 5, 3 = 6, C = 7, 9 = 8.

    Once 0FF463C9 is correct, press the 9 key twice to save it, then the C key to exit. Now re-connect the handset with the base.

    Press the MENU button and scroll down until you see "PROG CO". Leave it on that screen.

    Unplug the base unit for 5 seconds then plug it in again and press the PROGRAM button on the base within 3 seconds. Once you've done that, press the OK button on the handset (which should still read "PROG CO" on the screen). You should hear a confirmation beep and the screen should read "PROG CO OK".
  2. You're all done!