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Avaya 1616-I IP Phone Global

Avaya 1616-I IP Phone GlobalAccording to Avaya, the Avaya 1616-I IP Phone is designed for people they designate as "Navigators", which seems to be Avaya-speak for what normal humans would call a "receptionist". There are a whopping 16 line buttons on the 1616-I, and you can add up to three 32 button expansion modules which would give you access to a total of 112 line keys.

This expandability makes the Avaya 1616-I a great choice for the people in your office responsible for answering incoming calls and who then need to transfer those callers to different departments or extensions, and those who need to monitor multiple lines as part of their daily responsibilities. Avaya-speak, indeed.

The Avaya 1616-I comes in two versions: text and Global Icon, which is usually just referred to as "Global". The difference? The Global version has removed all English language text from the faceplate. Instead, icons on the buttons indicate their functions. The Global version is the most recent model.

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Product Description
Avaya 1616-I IP Phone Global
Avaya 1616-I IP Phone - Text
Avaya 1600 Series 5V Local Power Supply (if PoE is not available)
Headset for Avaya 1616-I IP Phone
Avaya BM32 Button Module
Avaya 1151D1 Power Supply (required for BM32 Module)

Avaya 1616-I IP Phone Global Features:

  • A white backlit display featuring 4 rows of 24 characters and a dual position flip stand
  • 16-line appearances/feature keys with dual LEDs
  • Add up to three 32 button expansion modules providing access to a total of 112 line/feature keys or speed dial buttons
  • 3 contextual soft-keys
  • Buttons on the Global phones use icons to indicate button functions and fixed features such as message, menu, headset, mute and speaker.
  • High-quality 2-way speakerphone (Full Duplex supported on Avaya Communication Manager)
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Integrated headset jack
  • Volume button with separate levels for handset, headset, speaker and ringer
  • Desk or wall mountable with optional wall mount adapter
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • 8 personalized ring patterns
  • An Ethernet (10/00) line interface with a secondary 10/100 port for a collocated laptop or PC
  • Powered via 802.3af Power over Ethernet  (class 2 device) when equipped with optional in-stand splitter or optional 5V local power supply
  • Optional Gigabit Adapter for Gigabit connectivity to a PC
  • Language support: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portugese, Russian, Japanese (half width Katakana), Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Hebrew and Arabic

Avaya 1616-I IP Phone Compatibility:

  • This phone is compatible with Avaya IP Office 6.0 or higher
  • Requires Avaya Communication Manager 3.0 or higher.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Avaya 1616-I IP Phones Global

Q: Who are these phones designed for?

A: Avaya says these phones are designed for "Navigator" users. Think of a person who answers phones, transfers callers and otherwise monitors the phones. In non-Avaya-speak, those would be receptionists, admin assistants and/or managers. With 16 line/feature/speed dial buttons, the Avaya 1616-I is a great choice as it eliminates the need to scroll through long on-screen lists.

Q: I have more than 16 extensions to work with. Is this phone expandable?

A: Yes. You can add the Avaya BM32 Button Module to expand your phone's utility. Up to three BM32 modules can be added which gives the Avaya 1616-I up to 112 buttons (32+32+32 plus the 16 on the phone).

Q: Can I use a headset with my phone?

A: With an integrated headset port, you can use a variety of corded and cordless headphones with the Avaya 1616-I. An integrated volume button on the 1616-I controls the headset volume.

Q: Does the Avaya 1616-I have PoE capability?

A: Yes. The Avaya 1616-I is powered either using a Power Over Ethernet Class 2 Device or with a local power adapter, available separately.

Q: What's the difference between the Avaya 1616 and the Avaya 1616-I?

A: The 1616 operates on Avaya IP Office 4.2 (11) or higher. The 1616-I requires IP Office 5.0 (20) (see here for technical bulletin) or higher. The backlit display is green on the 1616 and white on the 1616-I. The Global Icon Avaya 1616-I uses icons to convey button functions so there is no English written on the faceplate. Additionally, the Avaya 1616-I supports additional languages compared to the 1616: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Hebrew and Arabic.

Q: What is the default protocol on these phones?

A: H.323 is the protocol for these phones. The following standards-based codecs are supported: G.711, G.726, G.729A/B

Q: I heard these phones can become corrupted. How do I prevent that?

A: This is a possibility due to a firmware conflict. If the system has firmware 1.3.2 installed and your Avaya 1600 series phone has firmware 1.3.3 installed, the phone will become corrupted and will need to be repaired or replaced. Make sure you have your firmware updated. Click here for the Avaya 1600 series support notice detailing the issue, or click here for the firmware update.

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