Nortel i2007 IP phone phase 2 VoIP telephone

Nortel i2007 IP Phone

Nortel i2007 IP phone phase 2 2007 VoIP telephoneThe Nortel IP Phone i2007 incorporates a 5.7” (12.7cm x 17.8cm) color touch-screen, bringing multimedia presentation support to the desktop IP Phone 2007. Virtual Network Computing technology optimizes content pushed from external application servers in advanced text or graphical format.

It's WHAT you can use the Nortel 2007 IP Phone display for though that makes the Nortel IP 2007 stand out. The "standard" display output is the usual business telephone functions - like your phone directory, autodial, message retrieval and more. However, through the "Applications" softkey, you can access other functions (if provided by your system) for such things as directions and road maps, company news, weather and even see who's at the front door by using the phone as the monitor for your security camera! The possibilities are incredible.

The Nortel IP Phone i2007 has a USB port that supports standard USB mouse and keyboards for simple “point-n-click” access and navigation. Business telephony features are robust as delivered from Nortel Communication Servers.

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Product Description
Nortel i2007 IP Phone
Headset for Nortel i2007 IP Phone

Nortel i2007 IP Phone Features:

Nortel 2007 on screen security camera video output from door phone, point of interest output to i2007 display screen
  • Up to 12 soft programmable line/feature keys presented within the display
  • Four state sensitive soft label keys presented in the display
  • Virtual Network Computing (VNC) technology supports external application servers and multimedia application presentation
  • Applications and Primary Applications sofkeys provide quick access to registered applications via external application servers
  • Integrated touch-screen, on-screen popup keyboard and a USB port for mouse, keyboard, and hub support offers flexible navigation of menus and data entry
  • Integrated "Stylus Valet" for convenient access and storage to IP Phone 2007 Syli (one stylus comes standard with phone)
  • Tools softkey delivers single click access to configuration, diagnostic, and user preference menus
  • Backlit LCD with local contrast and brightness settings
  • Integrated headset jack
  • Integrated 10/100 Base-T switch supports collocating a PC
  • SIP ready
  • Desk or wall mountable
  • PoE* capable, or can use a Nortel i2000 Power Supply when PoE is not compatible or available

Nortel 2007 IP Phone Compatibility:

  • Nortel BCM 50 / 200 / 400
  • Nortel Communication Server 1000 / 2000 / 2100
  • Meridian 1
  • MCS 5100 / 5200
  • Media Gateway 1000B Expansion
  • Survivable Remote Gateway SRG / SRG50


*Power over Ethernet (PoE) delivers power from the Data Switching Equipment over Ethernet cabling via the IEEE 802.3af specification. By supporting Power over Ethernet, the IP Phone 2007 eliminates the need for power splitters and AC outlets, resulting in a more reliable and cost effective solution.

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