Nortel 1150e IP phone 1150e VoIP telephone

Nortel 1150e IP Phone

Nortel 1150e IP phone 1150e VoIP telephoneThe Nortel IP Phone 1150e is a multi-line, specialty IP Phone designed for ACD and IP Contact Center environments.

The Nortel 1150E IP Phone supports up to twelve line/programmable feature keys and features seven additional fixed keys dedicated for use by agents or supervisors. IP Phone 1150E leverages the IP Phone 1100 Series design and includes high-resolution, backlit, graphical, pixel-based displays, a USB port for navigation and entry, Bluetooth agent headset support and integrated Gigabit Ethernet to deliver superior performance and user experience.

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Product Description
Nortel 1150e IP Phone
Headset for Nortel 1150e IP Phone

Nortel 1150e IP Phone Features:

  • Supports up to twelve line/programmable features keys
  • Four context-sensitive soft label keys and twelve fixed keys
  • Seven additional fixed keys with built-in LED’s dedicated for IP Contact Center agents
  • High-resolution, fully-backlit, graphical, eight-level grayscale, pixel based display
  • Built-in USB port supports standard USB mice, keyboards, keyboard emulation devices and powered hubs
  • Embedded Bluetooth 1.2 Audio Gateway supports standard Bluetooth headset profiles for agents
  • Integrated IEEE 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet Switch supports up to Gigabit Ethernet speeds on both LAN and PC ports
  • Supports the Expansion Module for the IP Phone 1100 Series offering support of 18 additional line/programmable feature keys per module

Nortel 1150E IP Phone Compatibility:

  • Business Communication Manager 50 (R3.0 or later) / BCM 200 / 400 / 450
  • Nortel Communication Server 1000 with backward compatibility to R4.0
  • Nortel Communication Server 2100 (initial support with Release SE10)
  • Nortel Communication Server 2000 (SN09U and later)
  • Supported on Media Gateway 1000B Expansion Chassis
  • Survivable Remote Gateway 50 (R3.0 and later) / 200 / 400
  • Avaya Multimedia Communication Server 5100
  • Avaya Aura™ Application Server 5300


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