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Avaya 3749 Wireless IP Phone

Avaya 3749 wireless IP phoneThe Avaya 3749 IP wireless phone handset is a feature-rich telephone with colour display, telephony,messaging, illuminated monochrome or colour display, bluetooth (3749 only) and alarm functions for personal security (3749 only).

The Avaya 3749 IP cordless telephone is suitable for users dependent of being reachable and/or having a need for mobile voice and messaging features, which makes it ideal for applications where the user needs either one way messaging or to be able to interact with other users.

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Product Description
Avaya 3749 Cordless IP Phone
Headset for Avaya 3749 Cordless Phone

Avaya 3749 IP Wireless Phone Features:

  • Compatible with Avaya IP Office R 7.0 or later
  • The full graphic type display is 128 pixels wide and 160 pixels high. The display is monochrome black and white, with backlighting.
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Gas and Dust protected
  • Multifunction/Alarm button
  • Earpiece speaker
  • Four-way navigation key
  • On-hook; On/Off key
  • Tactile indicators
  • Sound off key/Mute button
  • Space button
  • Multi-purpose connector
  • Microphone
  • Key lock and Upper/Lower case
  • Voice mail access button
  • Off-hook key
  • Soft keys
  • Volume button
  • LED Lights

Avaya 3749 IP Cordless Phone Documentation:

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