Avaya D100 SIP Wireless Terminal and D160 handsets

Avaya D100 SIP Wireless Terminal
For Avaya IP Office
Featuring D160 Cordless Handsets

Avaya d160 Base Station
Avaya D100 Base
Avaya d160 handset
Avaya D160 Cordless Handset
Avaya d100 repeater
D100 Repeater
Avaya D160 Handset Battery
D160 Handset Battery
Avaya Handset Charger for D160
D160 Handset Charger
D160 Charger Power Supply
D160 ChargerPower Supply

Avaya IP Office has a range of cordless / wireless phones to choose from. The D100 SIP Wireless Terminal is an expandable cordless phone system for the Avaya IP Office system featuring the D160 wireless handset.

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Product Description
Avaya D100 Base Station
Avaya D160 Wireless Handset
Avaya D100 System Repeater
Avaya D160 Handset Battery
Avaya D160 Handset Charger
Power Supply for D160 Handset Charger
Avaya D160 Handset Belt Clip
Corded Headset for Avaya D160 Handset

The D100 solution delivers the productivity-boosting benefits of IP and wireless communications across multiple offices in a convenient, lightweight handset. The D100 is a highly functional wireless solution with scalability to support a large number of users. A single D100 base station can support up to eight D160 handsets, with each handset supporting five calls. Each IP Office can support up to four base stations, meaning you can have up to 32 D160 cordless handsets per office.

The D100 base station emits a wireless signal with a range of up to 350 feet (100meters) indoors. Please keep in mind that this figure is an ideal range. Where obstacles absorb signal strength, ranges are more realistically between 100 to 350 feet (30 to 100 meters). This range can be extended using repeaters. Each base station can have up to 6 repeaters to increase the effective range of the system by 100 to 350 feet (30 to 100 meters) indoors.

Avaya D100 SIP Wireless Terminal

The Avaya D100 system is compatible with IP Office 8.1 Feature Pack 1 (8.1.63) or higher and requires IP500 VCM 32 or 64 and Essential Edition.

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