Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30A Module

Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30A ModuleThe Avaya IP500 DS30A Module (700500698) provides 30 digital TCM ports for Nortel digital telephones. It connects to your IP Office 500 V2 control unit. It can be wall mounted or rack mounted near the control unit.

The DS30A allows you to add your Nortel M or T series digital phones to IP Office Connections made through two RJ21 connectors. This module does not support any Avaya phones.

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Product Description
Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30A Module (700500698)


  • The DS30A module is supported on IP500 V2 running IP Office 7.0 or higher, running in IP Office mode or Quick Version mode
  • These digital station ports are for use with Nortel M7000 series and T7000 series digital phones
  • Maximum of 12 per IP Office 500 Essential Edition R7.0 phone system
  • Maximum of 4 per IP Office Partner Version R7.0

These modules are compatible with the current IP500 Avaya IP Office system.

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