Avaya IP500 V2 Norstar TCM8 Card

Avaya IP500 V2 Norstar TCM8 Card TCM-8The IP500 V2 Norstar TCM8 Card (700500758) allows customers to migrate their Norstar or BCM systems to an IP Office and retain their investment in their phones. The IP 500 Office Digital Station card provides 8 Norstar telephone extension ports as well as providing trunk connections, the same as the other IP500 base cards.


  • Provides 12 RJ45 ports - The first 8 ports are TCM DS ports for the connection of Nortel digital telephones. It can be fitted with an IP500 daughter card that uses the additional 4 ports for connections.
  • Maximum -  4 per IP500 V2 control unit
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Product Description
Avaya IP500 V2 Norstar TCM8 Card - 8 Norstar ports (700500758)


  • Compatible with IP500 V2 control unit running IP Office 7.0 or higher; not compatible with IP500 V1 control unit
  • The TCM8 can be used in combination with all other IP500 base cards
  • The TCM8 card is supported with PARTNER Version, Norstar Version, Quick Mode and Standard Mode systems.
  • A maximum of 4 TCM8 cards are supported in a system
  • Avaya digital phones cannot be connected to the TCM8 card
  • TCM DS ports are compatible with Nortel T7000 and M7000 series digital phones, Nortel Digital Mobility Solution, Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit, and Nortel T7406E/T7406 cordless phones

This card is compatible with the current IP500 Avaya IP Office system.

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